I'm thrilled with DE!

"Not all D.E. is created Equal...."

August 12, 2012


Paul Chapman

I am thrilled with the way that Nature's Wisdom DE is working, I may have used it a bit excessively but it's working. I have it sprinkled in all the drawers and cabinet shelves in the kitchen and bathroom, I have put on the top of the stove and its doors for the oven. I have it on top of and behind both the stove and refridgerator.. We have been picking up dead roaches since the first day I received the package and started putting it around and while they aren't all totally gone as of yet the amount of them that I am seeing is down to only a couple a day and those are usually half dead already as they aren't able to run away like they would if they were healthy. I am going to leave this stuff spread everywhere I have it until I have seen no more roaches for at least a month. I have a feeling that day will come very soon at this rate, because when I had ordered this stuff I would see groups of roaches in many places in the apartment. I don't know if you are familar with those Space bags you see on TV, but we had about 5 of those with clothes under a futon in the living room sealed up tight.When I attempted to clean up one day and pulled the futon out, we have hardwood floors so I was just planning on sweeping for dust. When I picked up these bags I kid you not there had to be a few thousand roaches that started running in every direction. There was no food on the floor nor was there any water so I am still stumped on what was so appealing about hiding under these bags. I had such a bad bug problem that as short as a few weeks ago when I went to bake a pizza in the oven I turned on the oven light and I could see several large and some small roaches in between the two panes of the door trying to figure out how to escape. In addition I have thrown out an alarm clock because they were stuck between the plastic and the LED lights to the point you couldn't tell the time anymore. I have been watching TV in my frontroom at night and see what I think is a roach crawling across the screen. I would get up to smash it and the damn things were inside the TV on the other side of the glass. Within a weeks time of placing this product on every shelf and every drawer in the kitchen and bathroom and across the back plates of the counters where they try to sneak behind the counters the problem is almost completely eliminated. I had tried everything else up to this point and the best it did was make the problem a little less bad for a few days at most. a couple weeks would go by and it was just as bad all over again. From boric acid, bug bombs, sprays, hotels, pouring liquid ammonia into the walls and even buying those Riddex electronic repellents. None of that stuff did 1/3 of the job this seems to be doing in one weeks time, at this rate I would think that this roach problem will be over with in another week or two tops. I spent hundreds of dollars on all this other stuff and wish I had found this product first. But now when ever anyone asks me what is the best way to get rid of roaches, I will say best way nothing there is only one way and that is to buy diatomaceous earth and put it all over where ever you have seen the roaches before because they will go there again.

Thank You So Much

"Bed bugs, no more!"

January 11, 2012


V. Vachula

Late one night, while reading in bed, my cat pounced on a bed bug. I was horrified! But that explained the welts I was waking up with on my fingers. I lived in an apartment building and I'm pretty sure the bugs came from the apartment next door. Anyway, you may have noticed that these vile creatures are making a come back - they've been in the news repeatedly. They can be found in movie theaters, restaurants, laundry mats, clothing stores - pretty much everywhere you go these days. When I found out I had them, after my initial freak out, I Googled like I've never Googled before. Among the horror stories, there was a ray of hope - Diatomaceous Earth. This stuff, on a microscopic level, is like razor blades to bugs. They walk through it and their exoskeletons are punctured and then they dry out and die. It does not kill chemically - it's a physical killer. But to you and me (and animals) it is harmless, and even beneficial for some in that it can clean out your digestive tract. (Note, this only applies to FOOD GRADE D.E., NOT the kind you use in pool filters. That stuff is poison. I have a cat and there were no issues with him being around the food grade stuff.)

Please don't take my word for any of the particulars - you can research that yourself as I did. But what I CAN tell you is that this stuff really worked to end my problem. Once I threw away pillows and put everything I owned through a dryer cycle or out in the hot sun, I treated my entire place with D.E. I bought small bottles meant for hair dye at a beauty supply - they have a tapered nozzle. I then squirted the stuff along the entire perimeter of every room. I put it in between the drawers in my furniture,between my mattress and box spring and under my couch cushions. It has the consistency of flour, so it does make a bit of a dusty mess, but it's a small price to pay for piece of mind. 10 lbs was much more than I could use so I gave some to my brother. He put it in his basement around the baseboards and has found crickets lying dead in it. I would recommend having this even as a preventative measure. Mark my words... if you haven't had bed bugs yourself, you WILL know someone who has in the next year or two. Good luck!

"'bye 'bye ants"

July 28, 2012


V. Wiedmann

Every year since we moved into our present abode, the pest control people would come and spray the crawl space and for at least 3 weeks afterward my husband's bathroom sink would be full of teeny little ants every day. That meant continual spraying of household insecticide for days and days - something we would rather not do inside the house.

This year, just before the pest control people came to spray my husband took our new bag of Diatomaceous earth under the house and spread a line of it around the perimeter wall plus every supporting post, and other places that went up into the house. This year: no ants in the sink!!!

We also used it between all of the pavers in our front walk way and the ants disappeared until we had a few rains. They are back, but that is outside and as my husband says, "We all have to be some place".

This product is difficult to "spray" (or puff) because it is so thick and clogs up the sprayer easily, but the results are worth the effort.

"So pleased with this product"

July 16, 2012



Diatomaceous Earth-Food Grade- by: Nature's Wisdom

I have been drinking 1/2 tbsp of DE in water twice a day every day for the past 3 weeks, and I have seen a big difference in two different areas of my health. I started to notice a difference very quickly, the very next day. First improvement is that I now have regular bowel movements (2x a day consistently), and never in my life has that ever happened before. Second improvement is that my skin has been getting much better. I have had acne all over my face, shoulders, upper back, and upper chest every day in fluctuating locations and degrees of severity for the past 12 years of my life. Now a couple of weeks after I started taking DE, I no longer have any acne on my shoulders, back, nor chest, and the acne on my face has dwindled down to all of 4 active pimples, down from a usual of like 10-30 major ones and counltess minor ones. My skin no longer feels oily, and my pores have cleared almost entirely. At this point I have maybe a fourth of the number of black heads and white heads that I usually have, and surely it will just be a matter of time before my acne is gone for good! DE also purportedly detoxes heavy metals and other foreign contaminants from your system. I haven't been able to feel this difference yet, unless its effect is expressing itself at least partially through my skin improvements. Either way though, I'm absolutely thrilled! Highly recommend!

The benefits I have spoken of here are only a few of many known benefits and uses for DE. I recommend doing some research, it is also good for pest control and deworming, plus it has many other health benefits for humans and animals. Best of all, not only is it non-toxic, it is composed mostly of silica which is an essential nutrient, plus it's 'dirt' cheap!

"Not all D.E. is created Equal...."

November 5, 2010



Diatomaceous Earth-Food Grade- by: Nature's Wisdom

I purchased this product for use in my apartment. I had a very annoying problem with ants, dozens to hundreds of them would show up in the closet, in the bed, on my shoes, etc throughout the apartment even after spraying outside around all possible entry points using a very strong and effective chemical spray. The fire ants in my home state (Louisiana) are very hard to kill, and the chemicals weren't enough. I applied generous piles of this product to areas where I'd been finding the ants, and within a day I noticed a drastic reduction. Within a week, there were no ants at all, and they've stayed away for quite some time. I've also noticed a drastic reduction in the population of a number of other bugs. This product really works and the peace of mind of not having to worry about it poisoning me or my pets (a small dog and a cat) is a major selling point. I was also really pleased by the value. I received a lot of this stuff and have not had to use much at all. Highly recommended!