"So pleased with this product"

July 16, 2012



Diatomaceous Earth-Food Grade- by: Nature's Wisdom

I have been drinking 1/2 tbsp of DE in water twice a day every day for the past 3 weeks, and I have seen a big difference in two different areas of my health. I started to notice a difference very quickly, the very next day. First improvement is that I now have regular bowel movements (2x a day consistently), and never in my life has that ever happened before. Second improvement is that my skin has been getting much better. I have had acne all over my face, shoulders, upper back, and upper chest every day in fluctuating locations and degrees of severity for the past 12 years of my life. Now a couple of weeks after I started taking DE, I no longer have any acne on my shoulders, back, nor chest, and the acne on my face has dwindled down to all of 4 active pimples, down from a usual of like 10-30 major ones and counltess minor ones. My skin no longer feels oily, and my pores have cleared almost entirely. At this point I have maybe a fourth of the number of black heads and white heads that I usually have, and surely it will just be a matter of time before my acne is gone for good! DE also purportedly detoxes heavy metals and other foreign contaminants from your system. I haven't been able to feel this difference yet, unless its effect is expressing itself at least partially through my skin improvements. Either way though, I'm absolutely thrilled! Highly recommend! Best of all, not only is it non-toxic, it is composed mostly of silica which is an essential nutrient, plus it's 'dirt' cheap!