Our best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Protect them with Diatomaceous Earth. When lightly rubbed into their coats it is very effective against fleas, ticks, lice, and other pests on pet dogs, cats, and their premises. It can also be used as an organic wormer and will kill any worms or parasites the pets may have. When using as a de-wormer mix the Diatomaceous Earth into your pets food. Mix well into kibble and wet food.

Kittens – 1/2 teaspoon
Cats – 1 teaspoon

Reduces moisture and pests in litter boxes

Use Diatomaceous Earth to kill fleas. You can dust your cat, their bedding, and your home to eliminate fleas on a permanent basis naturally.

Diatomaceous Earth – Technology Spotlight: An in depth article on how diatomaceous earth kills insects technology-spotlight-diatomaceous-article A letter from International Agricultural Laboratories describing the positive effects of some elements in diatomaceous earth on animals international-agricultural-laboratories

Customer Comments Regarding Feeding Food-grade DE to Their Animals:

  •  Dr. Phillip Schaible, while heading the Department of Poultry Sciences at Michigan State University, made a study of European literature regarding adding Diatomaceous Earth to dairy cows’ feed and made the following report: “Contains 15 trace minerals important to animal diets, DE mixes well with all feeds while guarding against insect damage. Prevents worms and keeps virus epidemics from developing. Saves albumen, destroys harmful acids, safeguards the stomach. Improves health and growth of young animals Causes better digestion, allowing animals to absorb a higher percentage of protein from its regular diet.”
  •  Dr. C.S. Hansen, D.V.M., with some 8,000 chickens, kept half on regular diet, added Fossil Shell Flour to the other group. The Fossil Shell Flour group immediately had a lower death rate, egg production went up, and egg breakage went way down. His profitability went way up.
  •  Dr. H.D. Johnson, D.V.M., Saskatchewan Vet Clinic, Canada, worked with 2,000 calves for two years without a single case of scours, using Fossil Shell Flour. He says, “using Fossil Shell Flour, we have been able to eliminate vaccines and antibiotics.”
  •  Dr. M.F. Petty, D.V.M.: “The use of Fossil Shell Flour gave immediate elimination and control of worms, stopped pigs from rooting and chewing feeder boxes, reduced manure odor, greatly reduced fly population and increased feed efficiency. Really improved profitability.”
  •  Capitol South Syndicate by Dan Miller, manager: “Feeding Fossil Shell Flour to my show and racehorses, stallions, mares, foals and horses in training, we have seen improvements in their hair coat and their attitude. Flies and parasites are less of a problem.”
  •  Leslie “Shorty” Thomas, Trainer, L Frank Roper Stables, Winter Garden, Florida: “I have been actively engaged in training some of the finest walking horses in the country for the past 15 years. I take pride in the appearance and health of the horses under my care, which have won many national awards against stiff competition. I am constantly on the alert for products I feel can improve their health and condition. I am grateful to have found Fossil Shell Flour and here is why: It stopped scours, noticeably reduced flies, increased appetites, better feed conversion, eliminated internal parasites and created a healthier appearance. I would definitely recommend this product to otherhorsemen.”
  •  Johnnie Firestone on sheep: “We were losing one sheep every three days from the fringe tape worm in the bile duct. We started feeding the animals Fossil Shell Flour, mixed with salt and cotton seed meal. Within two weeks the dying stopped. Since that time we have lost two sheep, but not from worms. To say that I am sold on Fossil Shell Flour is a rank understatement. I suggest to anyone, “just try it. It does notcost much!’”
  •  Michigan Department of Agriculture made a laboratory study of internal organs from a cow using Fossil Shell Flour five years and found no visible evidence of abnormalities.
  •  University of Illinois, referring to tests run on dairy cattle fed 2% of Fossil Shell Flour in their rations, stated there was no apparent harmful effect and that there was no evidence of the DE in the milk.
  •  Within a few days…they stopped licking the soil completely. After feeding it continuously, we found that the average production of milk and butterfat per cow was increased.
  •  I have 30 head of beef cows, also 10 head of dairy cattle and feed most of the calves. I also farrow and feed out 450-500 head of hogs per year. Now, to share some of the end results, I have been pleased with:
    1. Elimination of internal parasites – without re-occurrences
    2. Fly Control
    3. Odor Problem
    4. Healthier Animals
    5. Better Feed Efficiency
    6. The Advantage of the 14 Natural Trace Minerals
    7. Reduction of vet bills and death losses to almost zero
  • In warm weather I have found that by dusting the bedding, sows and their litters (in addition to feeding it) I have no fly problem and because of its high absorbency it is a big help in keeping the bedding dry. I feel this usage encourages the small pigs to begin eating the Fossil Flour sooner, too. It also takes care of ticks and lice. All in all, it gets the pigs off to a better start.
  •  I have found if fed to adult dogs, puppies, etc. at the rate of one teaspoonful to small ones and a tablespoonful to the large ones, this will control hook worms very quickly. Hook worms disappeared following the first days of feeding…large round worms and bots were passed when fossil flour was fed to horses, but it has failed to control strongilic. Ticks were retarded when fossil flour was fed to dogs.
  •  One reason for the increased milk production was simply better feed assimilation – the result of food-grade DE anti-caking properties. The second reason was improved fly control. Residual DE in the cow manure effectively killed fly larvae. Continued feeding meant increasingly effective fly control. If they can not breed they can’t fly.
  •  It is a known fact that Florida soil is lacking in minerals. Therefore, it is essential that a mineral supplement be added to the diet of all grazing animals. I have previously used various types of mineral feed additives with no visible results. Now I am more convinced than ever that the 14 trace minerals contained in fossil shell flour are more available to an animal, possibly through better assimilation with the digestive system. This fact has been proven to me by observing a definite improvement in the appearance and general health of my animals which are receiving a daily total of 5 ounces of fossil shell flour. Following is my summary of the most significant and consistent results achieved: Healthier-looking animal with a definite sheen to its coat; lasting absence of internal parasites; better feed conversion (weight gains were noticeable with no increase in feed; in some cases with a decrease in feed); reduction in odor (an indication that the animals are retaining more protein from their feed ; fly control (no larva latch in the manure); cured scours (even in several cases where other medication had failed); improved appetites (horses which were “picky” eaters cleaned up their food more readily.)
  •  Pigs/Hogs
    1. Internal parasite control – Round worms (Ascarids) were observed in all pens being fed fossil flour on the third day following the beginning of test and for 3 – 4 days following. Parasite studies – Direct smear and flotation method showed no internal parasites at any time in the test group. The control group, even though previously dewormed with piperazine, has ascarids – low level and M. hirvdinaceous – low level.
    2. Rooting and eating feeders – By the tenth day after beginning the test all hogs on fossil flour had stopped rooting and destroying the wooden feeders while the control group showed no change and continued to destroy feeders and fences at the same rate. They also continued to root in the holding pens prior to shipment.
    3. Odor control – By the end of the third week the manure of the test group dried more quickly and was noticeably less offensive to the smell than that of the control group.
    4. Fly control – The test didn’t last long enough nor were the hogs separated far enough apart for an accurate estimation to be made concerning fly population; however, it was apparent at the end of about six weeks that there were not as many flies present in the parlor as there had been previously, and there was no weather variation or moisture variation to account for the decrease in population. The fly population did, however, decrease markedly and apparently lastingly.
    5. Weight gain – No results.
  •  Another possible advantage – When castrating 13 litters one morning, for the first time I found no ticks on the little pigs’ bellies. The only diatomaceous earth that could have been in their bedding would have to be from their dung because I had not put any in it.
  •  We had one sow that seemed to have breathing problems, making a sort of snorting noise. After two weeks it disappeared.
  •  We had tried the past de-wormers and found that despite our best efforts, the goats managed to spit of most of it. We began feeding (food-grade) DE along with alfalfa pellets and sweet feed and observed that they gobbled it up as if it was sugar. They would lay in it (in the large deed pans) and otherwise roll in it and lick every last bit of it from the pan. During the next weeks we noticed the hair on the goats began to look slick and shiny, and the goats themselves were more satisfied with the same amount of feed…I found a 2 x 4 in the barn crawling with chicken mites. Instead of trying to dust each of more than 50 hens with DE, I put about one-half a coffee mug of it in each of the nests (10 in all); 24 hours later there were no mites anywhere. Each laying season I put more DE in the nests. DE is the only “treatment” we’ve used on and in our animals since those first 2 bags we bought years ago.
  •  Every type of animal or bird that has had these products added to its diet show many positive results, any one of which makes it profitable for an owner to include it in daily livestock and/or pet rations. This is very true with chickens, especially those in the chicken factories. Every day hundreds of dead chickens are hauled away to be buried. A dead chicken does not produce many eggs (or meat)! When fossil shellflour is added to its rations, the death rate drops dramatically. The very first weeks show a valuableincrease in the number of eggs produced. Egg breakage deceases. The silicon makes the shells muchharder. Anyone breaking an egg on the edge of a frying pan will be very aware of this.
  •  The manure of the barn decreases, making it a much more pleasant place in which to work, and it is probably healthier for the chickens. This lowering of the odor is very likely due to the more complete digestion of the protein in the feed. The diatomaceous earth in the rations passes through the birds into the manure, making it impossible for fly larva to hatch. Making no other control efforts, the fly populationshould decrease around 90% within two weeks.
  •  Litter Bugs are greatly reduced, but to make it even better, if the manure is dusted with DE once a week, they will be reduced almost to zero.
  •  If any one of the above things are true, a chicken operation cannot afford to be without fossil shell flour

Start the Fight Against Fleas & Ticks

What you can do right now:

Using dehumidifiers with air conditioning and vacuuming all may interrupt the flea & tick life cycle. Humidity is critical to flea & tick survival. Eggs need relative humidity of at least 70-75 percent to hatch, and larvae need at least 50 percent humidity to survive. In humid areas, about 20 percent of the eggs survive to adulthood; in arid areas, less than five percent complete the cycle. Fleas thrive at higher temperatures, but need 70° to 90°F to survive. Lower temperatures slow down or completely interrupt the flea lifecycle.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!!!

So hard to kill…
Their tough bodies are able to withstand great pressure, likely an adaptation to survive scratching among other things. Even hard squeezing between the fingers is normally insufficient to kill the fleas or ticks; it may be necessary to capture them with adhesive tape, crush them between the fingernails, roll them between the fingers, or put them in a fire safe area and burn them with match or lighter. They can also be drowned.

Now Finish the Fight Against Fleas & Ticks

Apply Diatomaceous Earth everywhere! It can be evenly distributed around the house (especially in corners and near furniture) with any type of shaker (salt shaker, spice shaker, etc.) and then vacuumed away after about 7 days. Just pretty much dust everything including your pet and their bedding. You can leave the powder in inconspicuous places and it will remain effective forever. Diatomaceous earth also has the added benefit of killing many other types of insects that might be residing in your house. Depending on the bug, they will die of dehydration within 2-72 hours of contact.