Blood Sugar Regulation

“just thought i’d chime in since u guys seem so unsure of this stuff. i’ve been taking a tablespoon every day for 6 months, and ive had nothing but good results. for maybe the first 2-3 days of taking it my body was going thru a heavy detox and i got some mild flu/cold like symptoms.. but ive been great ever since. some other benefits to note from food grade de are lowered cholelsterol. lower blood pressure. break up of plaque build up in arteries. it removes parasites from your body (which parasites are in some’s opinions directly linked to cancer) removes heavy metal build up (if you’ve ever been vaccinated u definately have mercury, flouride is in our drinking water, we get aluminum from canned sodas etc..) i use it also mixed with my toothpaste (i mix baking soda, peroxide, DE, and tom’s natural toothpaste, dont get anything with flouride in it). i also mix de with small amounts of water and use it as a face mask to cleanse my face…. anyway, since ive been taking it, my blood pressure when i started was around 140/90. now im down to an average of 115-75.. sometimes dropping as low as 105/65. im off the cholesterol meds that i was taking because the de is doing the work now. i feel healthier than ive felt in years. i also ordered the 50lb bag off of ebay, it was only 55 dollars total i believe, which is a great price for the stuff. ive got my family all taking it, including my wife who is nursing our under year old son. just started my aunt on it becuase she’s having problems with diabetes and DE is supposted to help support the body function how it’s intended. My dad has been on it for 3 months and his last physical at his doctor visit he said it was the best physical he ever had in his whole life. his blood pressure was 100/60. cholesterol and blood sugar were dead center in the perfect range.

proper levels of silica in the body do wonders, and the diatoms in diatomaceous earth are what do the extra magic. they spring alive in the body and trap parasites, heavy metals, bad bacteria, etc.. trace amounts go into your blood stream and break up plaque build up safely.

dont want to seem like im trying to market the stuff here, just stating what ive read as ive researched it a lot and had great personal success with it

be sure to order ‘Fossil Shell Flour (Food Grade)’… the fossil shell flour is the safe one. the rest can cause harm (such as chemical treated de aka pool filter).

edit: ah yes i forgot to mention that DE will cleanse your intestinal lining, making your food absorbtion much better. so if u are taking DE you would benefit greatly from taking some sort of daily multivitamin, and especailly from eating fresh organic foods… on a side note, if you can find local extra virgin olive oil, this stuff is a great boost for one’s health. the imported stuff has lost most if not all nutritional value. you have to find a local grower and manufacturer.”

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