What is DE?

DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a non-toxic, safe substance made up from the crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. It is used when controlling insects, Mites and springtails. DE is crushed to a fine powder which resemble bits of broken glass. Insects and parasites scratch through the dust, damaging the insects exoskeleton and causing it to dehydrate and die. These particles are deadly to any insect, yet completely harmless to people and animals.

It has been estimated that 1 cubic centimetre of this sediment beds may contain as many as 24,000,000 shells (or 400,000,000 in 1 cubic inch). These beds, called diatoMite or diatomaceous earth, are then mined from underwater sources or from ancient dried lake bottoms.

TARGET PESTS: DE is used to control Scabies Mites, Bed Bugs, Skin Parasites, Lice, ants and just about any pest and insects in or around the home. It remains active as long as it is present.

WHERE TO USE IT: Commonly used on carpets, rugs, window sills, baseboards, on pets, in the home or outside on the lawn or in the flower bed. It won’t hurt plants or grass and can be applied by just shaking it out over the infested areas you want to treat.

RATE OF APPLICATION: No specific guideline has been established with this product. However, we have found you can expect to get about 100 sq/ft of area treated well with one lb of powder for medium to bad infestations. If you are treating a mild amount of activity, expect to get about 200 sq/ft treated per lb of powder. Water will wash this product away so treatments can be short lived. However, if you have a dry crawl space and treat it with this material, it could last up to 6 months. Outdoors, where it is subject to rain and other water sources, applications could only last a week and rarely last over a month unless it is excessively dry.

Prevent Reinfestation by Cleaning Your Environment Daily

  1. In order to prevent reinfestation, it is important to make your environment as inhospitable to Scabies Mites as possible. In order to that, use DE (Diatomaceous Earth) to act as a long-term barrier between you and the Scabies Mites. Apply Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth on your furniture, in your car, even on your carpets and bedding, to make them deadly to Scabies Mites and other parasites. The non-toxic fossil-shell dust is safe to use around children, pets, and even in the kitchen.
  2. Mattresses are the primary reason most people get reinfested. The scabies mites leave your body while you are lying in bed and venture into the mattress and come back up the next night to reinfest you when they sense warmth. Use a Professional Steam Cleaner to immediately get rid of any Scabies Mites and eggs on the seams and tufts of your mattress and box spring. And for long-term Scabies remedies, sprinkle DE over your mattress and place a Mattress Cover over your mattress to trap any Scabies that may have infested it and prevent any future infestations. This is critical to eliminate reinfestation. Wipe the mattress cover with a disinfectant spray EVERY NIGHT before you put Mite free sheets on the bed.
  3. All bed clothes (spreads, comforters, sheets, pillow cases, blankets) including pillows should be put into the dryer on high EVERY NIGHT before placing them on your bed. Remember that 140 degree heat eradicates the Scabies mites in 20 to 30 minutes. Remove any down comforters or feather pillows and bag them up for later use, when you’re Mite free. Excess bedding should be stored until the Mite and Scabies problem has been eliminated to avoid excessive cleaning.
  4. Use a Steam Cleaner to clean the carpets in your home, car seats, office chair and other upholstered furniture.
  5. All clothes should be placed in the dryer on High for 20 minutes before wearing them. After laundering them, store your clean, sanitized clothes in large plastic bags during the cleaning process.
  6. If you are experiencing Scabies mites on your feet or lower leg sections, it is probably because you are getting infested from your shoes, socks or from your car mats. Use the Professional Steam Cleaner to steam the floor boards and mats in your car and eliminate any Scabies mites or eggs infesting them. Spray Disinfectant spray in your shoes and then use a hot hairdryer in your shoes daily.
  7. Never use the same bath towel twice and always throw it in the clothes dryer on high before putting it in the dirty clothes hamper.
  8. Vacuum vigorously and often to remove as many Scabies mites as possible and discard the bag each time to prevent them from being blown right back into the air. We suggest using a vacuum with a hepa filter and a crevice tool for maximum cleaning.
  9. Scabies Mites can live away from a host from between 24 and 72 hours. Some biting Mites can live up to a month off a host. Therefore, it’s important to understand that you can’t unbag too soon.

Treating for Scabbies is a multi-step process and if not done correctly, you may not be successful at eradicating the Scabies Mite. It’s important to understand that the chances of being reinfested or passing the parasites on to a family member is great because Scabies, Collembola and biting Mites can live off the host for a period of time only to re-infest you later. Eradicating parasites from your home, your mattress, your favorite chair, your car, your carpet and your clothes puts you in a position for success. Don’t let anyone make you believe that all you have to do is to put the Scabies products on your skin and you are all done.

Eradicating Scabies Mites is much more than applying a product ONCE and expecting it to be over! The fact that Scabies Mite have been around for over 50 million years isn’t just a coincidence. Mites’ natural way of living on and off the host, makes it very difficult to control them, especially once they have established themselves in your home. It’s a lot of work and it begins with your home, your mattress, your clothes, your vehicle, your furniture, and applying products daily until your Scabies mite problem is resolved.