Thyroid Problems

Beyond Miraculous
“I recently found out about diatomaceous earth after a health-conscious friend gave me some to try. I am a 52 year old male with a history of severe allergies, sinus infections, tinnitus and ear fluid, digestive problems and low thyroid function. Once a strapping football player, wrestler and all-around athlete with no health problems, I was transformed into a sickly person after undergoing an extended course of antibiotics for what turned out to be an improperly completed root canal. From the age of 27 on I was plagued by frequent infections, colds, sore throats, “foggy” thinking and maldigestion of food. I had constant diarrhea and bowel problems lasting until very recently. Because of my sports training, I was taught at an early age to never give up, so over the years I have investigated EVERY alternative health solution to these problems – Lugol’s Iodine, probiotics, colloidal silver, olive leaf, oxygen therapies, enzymes, oregano, Pau d’Arco, black walnut, cloves, wormwood. The list goes on and on. I have spent thousands of dollars, literally, in searching for a solution. Two weeks ago I began using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and was flabbergasted when I noticed my sinuses clearing within three days. This has never happend before! There has been a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus, my ears have less fluid constantly trickling in them and the chronic bowel problems I was dealing with are actually disappearing. I have also noticed I feel relaxed and much calmer. There are no words to describe what DE is doing for me. It is beyond miraculous. Twenty-five years of nagging health problems that were annoying, psychologically challenging and causing me to lose hope for the future are all falling by the wayside. If this type of resolution to so many issues were to happen to you, how would you explain the liberating feeling of it all? I don’t know how to articulate it. I mix DE in iced tea with stevia, it is delicious. I also add it to yogurt and oatmeal. It actually tastes very good! It adds a nice texture to anything to which I add it. Needless to say, I have ordered a supply of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from you.”