How do I use DE on Ants?

You can just put it on ant piles or spread it out in the area you are having problems for outdoors. For indoor use, you can spread it around carpets, cabinets, baseboards, or anywhere you see them. If the ant touches the powder, it will put tiny cuts in it’s exoskeleton, dehydrate it, and eventually kill it. The powder will essentially last forever if undistributed indoors.

A permanent, organic solution to killing all types of ants!

Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the fossilized residue of diatoms, which are tiny prehistoric sea creatures. Layers of diatoms accumulated over millions of years at the bottom of shallow seas. When the seas retreated, the diatom remains were left in stratified layers which can be mined. Multiple grades of DE exist, but the most valuable and useful is food grade DE. DE is harmless to mammals and birds because of their cellular and skeletal structures. Another critically important feature is that DE does not contaminate surface or ground water. Insects on the other hand are not built like higher forms of life. They do not have blood vessels, only a body cavity that holds fluid. If they lose as much as 10% of fluids, they die. DE helps them lose that vital 10% or more. Most insects have a “waxy” coating on the outside of their shell. The small DE particles puncture through the wax coating, causing the insect to dehydrate and die. This is all physical, NO CHEMICAL.

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